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This site and blog are dedicated to all of our friends and family who have journeyed with us and continue to journey with us. Our prayer for each of you is that God would reveal Himself to you in ways that go beyond our understanding (Isaiah 55:8), and that you would live your lives in such a way that would glorify and honor Him.
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  • Apr16Mon

    A Peace That Passes Understanding

    April 16, 2012

    by Carolyn Majoran

    On January 11th, my dad was diagnosed with an intermediate grade prostate cancer.  There is nothing like hearing a parent has cancer to bring out your inner child.  I know that my dad is no longer the sole provider to ensure my well-being. He is no longer the head of my household.  But, there is something about fathers (hopefully not just mine) that brings a sense of protection that does not dissipate over time.

    As a child, many of us looked to our dads as near superheroes.  In our immature minds, Dad can do almost anything!  He can fix things that need fixing. He can solve any problem that we encounter. Dad becomes like Superman to us.

    How often do we put a human replacement where Christ belongs? My daughter, Adalai, listens to a song called “Superhero” on one of her Hillsongs Kids CDs.  The lyrics share that Jesus is our superhero.  He is the only true one who can save us and help us through the tough times in our lives.  The way I perceived my dad when I was a child is the way I should see Christ now.  He holds my dad and this entire cancer journey in His hands.

    Upon learning the news of Dad’s diagnosis, I didn’t feel anything.  Maybe I was in shock? Retained deep inside this daughter’s heart is a sense that my dad can still do anything because he has been such a strong figure in my life of Godliness, security and health.  As for my response, I am hoping that rather than shock, I was experiencing the peace that passes understanding – straight from God.  Leading up to Dad’s diagnosis appointment, we had many friends and family members joining us in prayer. I am firmly convinced that God took away the shock that hearing the word “cancer” can bring and placed His peace in our hearts instead.

    In troubled times like these, most of us tend to ask “Why?” or “Why me?”.  I know when I have gone through trials in my own life, my first response is to question why this terrible thing is happening to me.  I know not to expect a carefree journey through this life but I’m regularly surprised when the rough patches come along.

    Through personal trials (and now through Dad’s cancer journey), I have become convinced that there is always a reason for why we are going through the tests or trials that come upon our path.  I believe as a Christ-follower, the reason is two-fold. Firstly, God will bring glory to Himself.  Through the wonderful and easy times in our lives it is very easy to praise our God.  But, in the darker times, it’s harder to see Him there with us.  Praising Him despite our hardships becomes a more glorious statement of our faith to those who may not know Christ and even be an encouragement to those who do. And Scripture says that if we don’t praise Him, the rocks will.  He will be glorified. Secondly, God wants us to be more Christ-like.  Tests and trials are part of our walk with God.  He uses them to bring about Christ-like qualities in us. He refines us into the person He desires us to be.

    I’m sure we all can think of a trial that we have had to endure in our lives. For my Dad, his current trial is cancer. For myself, it was years of struggling with infertility. How wonderful that we don’t have to walk through these times alone.  We have a God that wants to walk beside us, to carry us when we no longer can go on by ourselves.  He is a God of hope.  We do not need to suffer alone.  Too many of us try to carry our burdens alone when we don’t have to.  Let the God of hope share the load. Being refined to become more Christ-like may not always be the easy path but it will be the most rewarding.    

    So, with any trial, we take life one day at a time, trusting God to be our Healer, Provision, Rest, and ultimately our Saviour.  While a cancer diagnosis can bring about fear in our lives, I am choosing to hope. While an infertility diagnosis can bring about anger and helplessness, I am choosing to be refined.  God will bring about His will throughout our trials.

    As I’m posting this blog in the early morning hours of April 16th, my dad is being prepped for an 8 am surgery to remove his cancerous prostate.  We are trusting God to control the hands of the surgeon, to bring about a swift recovery and few lasting effects. We know He is fully capable! We covet your prayers at this time to get Dad through the four hour surgery and the following months of recovery.

    My hope in writing this blog was to be an encouragement to anyone who has been or is going through a test or trial in their lives.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  God is faithful to bring us through.  You will be changed because of it! In the end, I hope you can join me in saying that it was all worth it.  To Him be the honour and glory forever!

    Keys of Inspiration:

    Aaron Shust - Watch the My Hope is in You video

    Philippians 4:7: And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

    1 Peter 5:7: Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

    Isaiah 48:10: See, I have refined you, though not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction.