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This site and blog are dedicated to all of our friends and family who have journeyed with us and continue to journey with us. Our prayer for each of you is that God would reveal Himself to you in ways that go beyond our understanding (Isaiah 55:8), and that you would live your lives in such a way that would glorify and honor Him.
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  • Jul20Mon

    The Hamster Wheel

    July 20, 2015
    by Carolyn Majoran

    It came out of nowhere and I couldn’t stop it. My body was shaking. I couldn’t catch my breath. The tears were collecting in my eyes. I was so angry with myself for losing control. I hadn’t lost myself in such a way in over 15 years. I was having a panic attack.
  • by Ray Majoran

    In planning out the day, I had originally hoped to shoot some elaborate panoramas. But as plans changed, it meant that the majority of my gear was still sitting back at the condo. I was left shooting in bright sunlight on a clear day with my Mark III and Canon 24-70 USM.  No tripod, no panoramic head, no polarizing filter, no ND filter, no 50mm and no 14mm wide angle.

  • As an avid photographer who loves shooting the aurora borealis (more commonly known in the northern hemisphere as the northern lights), I sometimes get asked for tips. Being in southwestern Ontario, I don’t have the advantage that many high-latitude sky watchers have, so when the northern lights are out, I want to make the most of it! To save everyone some time, I’ve compiled a summary of everything I’ve learned since I started shooting them back in 2001.
  • Mar10Tue

    Perspective (and why you need it)

    March 10, 2015

    by Ray Majoran

    On Monday evening, I posted a photo on Facebook. I want to take a few minutes to explain this photo and why I posted it. The photo is about perspective.

  • Oct28Mon


    October 28, 2013

    by Carolyn Majoran

    I have spent much of 2013 in financial reflection.  We began the year purchasing a new home and selling our old home.  Much of this was prompted by God leading me to read Francis Chan’s book, “Crazy Love”.  You can read our blog about it here if you missed it. Now that we’re settled into our new home and our new budget, I can’t help but think about the path that lead us to where we are today.

  • Jul4Thu

    Corey & Colleen

    July 4, 2013

    by Ray Majoran

    Back in 2001 when Carolyn and I joined West London Alliance Church, we jumped "both feet in" to Junior High Ministry. Along our path, we came across two young kids -- Corey Seabrook and Colleen Rempel.

    Over the last month, I had the opportunity to shoot their engagement and wedding photos. For those of you that know me, I don't usually shoot engagements or weddings, but I made the exception for Corey and Colleen. Below, you can see a few of my shots. I'll save the rest for them to post when they return from their honeymoon in Cuba.

  • Mar26Tue

    Waiting on God

    March 26, 2013

    by Ray Majoran

    Back in January, Carolyn and I made the decision to move and downsize our home. As Carolyn noted in her 90-10 post, our primary goal is to put ourselves in a situation where we can give more.

    Since her post, we have put our current house on the market and purchased a new home for considerably less than the one we’re living in now. But here’s the kicker: Even though we both felt called by the Lord to make this move, we haven’t been able to sell our house.

  • Jan23Wed


    January 23, 2013

    by Carolyn Majoran

    Our main goal in downsizing our home and leaving our current community is to be able to live on less so that we can give more.  Ray and I have always shared the mindset of a 10% tithe not being enough to give back to God of all He has blessed us with.  Years ago, we heard a story about a businessman that recognized how much God had blessed him with and instead of giving just a 10% tithe, he gave away 90% of what he made and only kept 10% for himself.  That idea has stuck with me for more than a decade.

  • Dec10Mon

    Saved for Something

    December 10, 2012

    by Carolyn Majoran

    From my earliest memories, I have felt special. My parents made me feel wanted and loved. My two older brothers always called me special… but I have a feeling they meant it in a different way than what I felt! My faith made me feel part of something bigger than myself.

  • May28Mon

    Finding "Community"

    May 28, 2012

    by Ray Majoran

    No one really thinks of a cemetery when it comes to defining the word 'community', but I quickly came to realize that it should be on the forefront of our minds. Nowhere else will you find such a diverse group of people, history, culture, art, architecture and wisdom.